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The Integrity Joke!

“Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire…You’re just going to have to make up your own mind one day  about what’s right and wrong.”  Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon  HUD, a movie that I wish everyone would watch, though today, most cannot stand black and white.  If you never watch the film you should at least LEARN the quote for it is poignant, significant and as true in 1963 as it is 50 years later.

It’s funny how I look upon the make up of the pundit and politicians of this country.  Although I am an extremely conservative individual I am fair when I see the B.S. that we, as a nation are shoved, the many different styles of crap.

I am going to start with Juan Williams although he is not in any shape the most or least fractious of those that follow.  My second blog talked about the racists joke and Juan has been very apt at displaying his lack of honesty on the subject.  Today, however, I watched him ‘supposedly’ listen to Bob Woodward regarding whose idea sequestration was.  Woodward stated, unequivocally, that it was the White House and Barack Obama that started the idea of sequestration.  Not two minutes later when Karl Rove states that the idea was started by Barack Obama, Juan gives his double take/deer in the headlights look…what bovine feces…a liberal/moderate says it and Juan gives his, you’ve seen it before, I guess that is true so I’ll shrug my shoulders and let it pass with a turn of my head-look.  Now when a conservative says it look out…I cannot believe that you could ever say anything against this “Black” man (he is a mulatto not black) you are white, you are conservative and how could you possibly lie like that-look.  All of this happens in the span of 120 seconds +/- time.  What a hypocrite!  What a Joke!

How many times can a man or woman call something immoral and then do exactly what they say is immoral and be called a moral individual?  Let’s take Eric Cantor, nice guy (I guess), yet I personally would not trust him with anything.  ‘To raise the debt ceiling and burden our children with such debt is immoral’. Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy ad nauseum.  Time and time again they vote to raise it.  Are they still not burdening the future children with MORE DEBT?  What is moral in that?  Are they not the ones that said it is immoral?

Okay, debt!  So Senator Obama, while running for the office of President of the United States says that President Bush (43) is unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to the National debt in 8 years!  So does adding $6 trillion in four years mean you are committing treason?

Any and All pundits/politicians that questioned Dr. Ben Carson invoking the name of God at a PRAYER breakfast need to have their heads, hearts, morals, scrupples and souls examined!!!  Last time I checked GOD is why we PRAY.

Ann Coulter.   Ann is to Chris Christie as Chris Mathews is to Barack Obama.  Stating on Hannity that Mitt Romney is the most conservative candidate running for the GOP should have been reason for any and all of her dear and loving friends to have her committed.  Her plea for Christie to run was admirable, yet, his conservative “principles” came out with Sandy just before the election.  The man that spoke about being fiscally sound wanted the rest of the country to bail him out.  At one time I believed that Ms. Coulter was principled in her stances, however, now I find her to create controversy for the sake of money.  At 6′-0″ +/-, being fairly attractive and with legs that many would like to blister their tongue on, Ms. Coulter has some positive physical attributes…but…politically she should take her own advice…women should not vote.

Steny Hoyer.  How DUMB can anyone be that voted for this imbecile.  The White House admits (two weeks ago) that the sequestration came from them so on Friday Steny Hoyer is tried to blame Republicans (Juan Williams needs to pay more attention to those he tries to cover for).  I do not know how we became so ignorant as a nation, or when our political figures became so arrogant, but we have and they have.

Harry Reid.  My favorite Washington DC miscreant.  I have been writing to Harry telling him just how combative he is.  When I lived in Nevada I did all I could do to convince people to vote AGAINST him.  He is lazy, vile and corrupt (in my opinion).  He is the very worst of society and Nevadans owe their country a true justice  by recalling this JERK.  Anyone that does not do their job for three plus years needs to be fired.

Every reporter, journalist, pundit, politician, citizen that refers to a past president, senator, congressman/woman secretary or ambassador by the title that they ONCE HAD.  They are no longer anything!  They are citizens!  We have One (1) President.  We have one (1) Vice President.  We have 100 Senators…get the picture?

Mark Levine.  Get off Karl Rove’s back.  Sharon Angle?  I could have run a dead dog against Harry Reid and beat him.  Christine O’Donnell?  Look at the moron that is in there now.  What did that get you?  Todd Akin?  If you truly believe that he is the best that we could have put up there than the GOP is in more trouble than I expect.  We, as a nation, deserve, nay need, good, solid, quality candidates.  We need candidates that believe in this country, not an election.  No more MORONS or we all lose!



The racist joke

I have listened to the likes of Juan Williams, The Congressional Black Caucus and the Liberal “Republican” Colin Powell talk about the “racism” in the Republican Party.  I have not, once, heard any right wing, conservative, purportedly honest talk show/commentator give the truth on the subject.  So here are the facts based upon the compilation of information gleaned from the past 36 years.

  1. There have been 10 elections
  2. In all but two, there were only two major candidates
  3. In the two elections with multiple candidates the Democrats received the same 83% of the Black vote.
  4. The last time the Black unemployment rate was as high as today there was an 8 % point swing towards the Democrats (Ronald Reagan (R) was in office)
  5. The average Caucasian population that has voted Democratic over the past 10 elections is 40.4%
  6. The average Caucasian population that has voted Democratic (minus the two elections with Barack Obama) is 40.5%
  7. The last two elections with Obama is 40% ( 43% for 2008 and 37% for 2012)
  8. The average black population that has voted Republican over the past 10 elections is 10.1%
  9. The average black population that has voted Republican (minus the two elections with Barack Obama) is 11.6%
  10. The last two elections with Obama is 4% ( 4% for 2008 and 4% for 2012)
  11. Unemployment is as high/higher than 1984 when the major shift from Ronald Reagan happened.
  12. In 2008 Barack Obama received a higher percentage of Caucasian votes than Jimmy Carter 1980, Walter Mondale 1984, Michael Dukakis 1988, Bill Clinton 1992, Al Gore 2000 and John Kerry 2004.
  13. The numbers show that whites voted for a “black” (mulatto) man for change, party affiliation, to cut the deficit, to create a “love fest” in Washington D.C. Whatever the reason they gave him a chance, rightfully so, but he has been a disaster to the economy and the caucasians voted their minds.  The black voters voted the same as before.  Give him a chance!

I can remember when Harold Washington ran for Mayor in Chicago.  The Reverend (of what I do not know) Jessie Jackson said do not make this mayoral election about race, 99% of all blacks that voted, voted for Harold Washington.  Is that not about race?

I can only presume from the FACTS, that are verified by numbers, that the caucasians that the media elite, Juan Williams, Colin Powell, The Congressional Black Caucus, Barack Obama and the rest of the liars out there are calling bigots and racists are truly not the racists that they are portrayed to be.  In fact, when the swing from prior elections is taken into account 66% of black voters that would have voted Republican changed their vote because of the candidates color and not the political party affiliation.  That is the TRUE definition of RACIST!