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Bob Dole and Conservatives

Recently Chris Wallace had Bob Dole on Fox News and he had asked the former Kansas Senator if he thought he could make it in today’s GOP Primary.  Dole had said he doubted if either he OR Ronald Reagan could make it!

John McCain had said that Ted Cruz owes Bob Dole an apology.  I just don’t see it that way.  Hell, I wrote John a letter and told him to get out of MY party in 2000.  I knew he was as wishy-washy back then as the Arizona GOP has recently realized.    So let’s take a look at the highlights of these men (after WWII and Vietnam).  John McCain “followed” four (4) Democratic Senators into the crooked abyss of the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal.  He was one of the “Keating Five”, bought and paid for.  The only reason that he and Senator John Glenn survived the Senate Ethics Committee investigation is John spent 7 years as a P.O.W. and John Glenn was one of the Original Astronauts in the Gemini Program.  One cannot live on their laurels of the past forever.

Mr. Robert Dole had been in the Senate since 1968.  He was happy to take Nelson D. Rockefellers place on the VP ticket with Gerald R. Ford.  Neither Rockefeller nor Ford could be ever construed as Conservatives.  I would commend Ford on his pardoning of Richard Nixon and attempting to get the nation past Watergate.  But none the less, Bob was, and for that matter still is, part of the old guard of the GOP.

Bob was so entrenched in the cronyism of the party that he tried to get Gerald Ford to run again in 1980 to STOP Reagan from getting the nomination.  Everyone knew that Dole did not have the debonair character to win the nomination.  So what was he going to do, STOP The Cowboy!

You see, he did not believe, in any way shape or form, that Ronald Reagan should have lead the party in 1980.  Why in God’s green earth would he think that he could win the nomination now.  Once a crony always a crony.  Once against someone with principles always against someone with principles.  Just because McCain fought for this country and Bob Dole fought for this country does not mean that they deserve praise and respect for things beyond those heroic deeds.  Neither one of them had “Power” during those years in their lives.  Neither one of them had political deals to make.  At that time in their lives they had integrity, grit, courage and believed in something.  It does not mean so now.

The truth of the matter is Ronald Reagan and Ted Cruz would have more than likely have been friends and kindred spirits.  Both of them laughed at and were/are heckled by lesser men.  Both of them wee and are jeered by the press.  Both of them treating each man, in accord with the time of their life, with due respect.  The only real difference that I can see between these two men is not in ideology nor integrity.  It is that one was the Reagan Republican and the other is one of the few, in the GOP that is actually striving to be a true Reagan Republican.  Conservative, principled, trying to find a way to convey those ideas to the rest of the party while still being so disparaged by those that with to retain the “Power”.

We will have another true Reagan Republican in the White House.  I just hope that it is not before another Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama.  I don’t know if we can take it.  I will say this, once again, in the open, John McCain…get out of MY party!

THE $1,308,000,000,000.00 JOKE!!!


From the first time that a “world” ranking was introduced describing where each country stood in education, the United States of America was 1st.  Then in November of 1979 something changed, President Jimmy Carter appoints Shirley Hufstedler, an attorney to boot, as the 1st Secretary of education.

Then President Ronald Reagan appointed Mr. Terrel Bell as his Secretary of Education…his job was to dismantle the Department of Education, thus leaving him out of a job.  But, like every “good” politician Mr. Bell convinced President Reagan to let him “commission” a study of America’s educational system.  Mind you, we are ranked #1 at the time of “A Nation at Risk” being released.  Mr. Bell keeps his job until 1985…lucky America!

Including the appointment of Ms. Hufstedler, we are currently on our 9th Secretary of Education.  We currently rank between 19th and 22nd in the world in education, and, we have spent $1.308 trillion, through fiscal year 2012,  to get here.  I do not know about most of you but I believe that that is a total waste of money.

We were #1 before Washington D.C. got involved and now, 33 years, 6 Presidents, 9 Secretaries of Education and $1,308,000,000,000.00 we rank 20th.  What moronically inclined ignoramus thought that this was a good investment let alone good idea.

If it were the Eagles or the Phillies and they had won 10 consecutive titles without a GM, and using different players and coaches (State Education Depts., teachers and students), and one fine day the “owners” decide to give their friend a job as GM sports fans would start to wonder…what the hell.

Then if both teams started to lose a little more often than they did without the GM and the owner just paid the GM more money…that should fix it…everyone, with any common sense, would call the owners of those teams idiots.  Yet here we are, being led by idiots, into the depths of the abyss.

Davis Guggenheim has directed many films, two films in particular, the Barack Obama commercial, where he was lauded for showing Barack in a way that everyone could see his “greatness”, the other “Waiting for Superman” where, as a liberal, he produced a documentary that showed the problem with the educational system is the 1. Unions and 2. Government…how dare he, what was he thinking?, and why did that man of “greatness” not see the folly of the Department of Education and the Teachers Unions?

We have all been sold a bill of goods.  You want to help the children of this country?  Do you want to better the educational system?  Do you want to help save the Country’s finances?  Do you Want to be #1 again?  Fire the Secretary of Education, get the Unions out of the Schools, get the bureaucrats out of the classrooms and let the teachers and parents teach the children of this country.