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Fixing the Immigration Situation

There are two different roads, as I see it, in fixing the immigration “problem”.  First, there is the Washington D.C. way such as:

  • Call each other party, Congressman, Senator and President vile names
  • Call a meeting
  • Set up a select committee to study the situation
  • Break for a scheduled recess
  • While on break call each other names
  • Reduce staffing at the United States Borders
  • Reconvene the select committee
  • Come to an agreement on how to proceed with a bill
  • Have Obama tell the world that he will veto the bill
  • Have the Republicans say that they cannot trust the President
  • Have the Democrats call the Republican racists
  • Break for a scheduled recess
  • Have the President tell everyone that once here they get to stay here
  • Have the Republicans say they cannot trust the President
  • Have the Democrats deliver lollipops to the illegal immigrants
  • Have Washington D.C. say we need to fix the illegal immigration problem
  • Call each other party, Congressman, Senator and President vile names

Fixing the immigration problem the Shawn Bowne way:

  • Fine every business $50,000.00 per occurrence, per person for employing an illegal immigrant
  • Fine Every union $50,000.00 per occurrence, per person carrying a valid union card
  • Fine Every Religious Center (and revoke their tax free status) $50,000.00 per occurrence, per person for providing safe harbor to an illegal immigrant
  • Fine any individual $10,000.00 per occurrence, per person for employing an illegal immigrant
  • Withhold any and all funding for any sanctuary city in the United States
  • Withhold any and all funding to any State that allows a sanctuary city within it’s borders
  • Withhold any and all funds for any service provider to providing any services to illegal immigrants
  • Allow any and all illegal immigrants presently in the United States 90 days to vacate
  • Any property not sold, rented, leased, given away or surrendered will be confiscated and sold to pay for border protection
  • Build the fence that was to be built 10 years ago
  • Finally, confiscate all of Bob Beckel’s (and anyone else that wishes to provide aid to illegal activities and immigrants) money so that he cannot invest in ANY LADDER COMPANY to assist in any further breach of OUR border.
  • Problem solved

John Boehner off the deep end

Apparently Mr. Boehner has not paid any attention to the United States around him!  I say United States because I know he is paying attention to the world around him…hell he wants to invite them all to live here.

We have, in this Country, approximately 46,000,000 people in this country on food stamps.  We have approximately 6,000,000 million people on welfare.  We have seen wages, in middle class families, disintegrate by almost 4.5% under Barack Obama’s administration.  Real unemployment is projected between 10.8% and 13%.  Black unemployment, as shown by the government statistics, is at 14% (real 16.8%)  Youth unemployment is at 14.5%, Black youth unemployment is at 28.2%, Hispanic youth is at 18.1% and Asian youth unemployment is at 15.0%.

How any politician, any union official or any American Citizen can look at these figures and want to push for any type of immigration policy change is beyond me.  The list above is a list of AMERICANS that are suffering.  The list above are legal, actual non law breaking people.

Jeb can say that it is “an act of love” to come here all he wants.  Barack Obama can say he can write them glowing references with his pen and call them on his phone every day.  I want to know when any of the so called leaders of The united States of America will show, hell forget love, an iota of respect to the Americans that pay their salaries, give them their jobs, and allow them to abuse us.

You want to fix the immigration system do the following:

  • Fine each and every business $50,000.00 per illegal that they employ
  • Fine every union $ 50,000.00 for every illegal that it has on their benches and is currently representing
  • Remove funding from every State that has within their border, allows within their border or promotes, in any manner, within their border any type of sanctuary for illegal immigrants
  • Inform every College/University that they need to inform the US Government of any foreign national students that have missed more than 7 class days in any semester.  If the absence is not medical or a family emergency they need to be deported.
  • Remove any tax exempt status from any religious organization that provides sanctuary or shelter to the illegal individuals
  • Give each illegal a grace period of 90 day to sell their house (rent it out/short sell/foreclose) after that seize it through eminent domain laws (hell we do it to veterans, ranches and States all day long)
  • If they do not leave confiscate ALL of their belongings and sell them, liquidate their bank accounts and use these items to attempt to cover any costs that the taxpayers of the Country have spent on anything and everything in our welfare system.
  • Build the fence along the southern border (call it racist/bigoted/narrow minded, all you want but that is where most of them are coming from.  Pick the low hanging fruit.

This will eliminate 80-90% of “loving” portion of our problem.  The criminals will have to be dealt with in much harsher manners.  So  if there are 12,000,000 to 20,000,000 million illegals this would reduce that number to between 1,200,000 and 4,000,000.  This is a good start.  It opens jobs for Americans.  It reduces the amount of emergency visits (especially in the inner cities) It reduces (maybe only slightly) fraud and abuse in the welfare system, food stamp program and reduces overcrowding in the school systems.

Simple measures.  Straight forward words and this shows love for the American Citizen whether born here or legally naturalized.