Why The Good Fight

So, I get asked, often, “Why do you fight”?  Just go along with the flow!  Well, I have seen too much go along to get along in my lifetime to realize that ALL that that does is cost freedom.  There was once a time that the fight for principle was called “the good fight”.  Now, everyone seems to think that we should Rodney King our way through life.

Now, there is an apathetic way to look at things.  I have built buildings for people that were originally from behind the “Iron Curtain”.  I’m talking two (2) decades ago.  They were saying, I’m not just referring to one individual but many, “this Country is more like Russia than Russia”, yes they all called it Russia and not the Soviet Union.

I look at those in my family and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they were the “Founding Fathers”.  It doesn’t just stop there.  I look at “what” we have elected as “our leaders” and am most assuredly positive that we would still be under the thumb of the crown.

Only God know where the strength of this country has fallen.  Only God knows when it will arise with the strength of our ancestors.  They gave their fortunes for freedom!  Some, their children for freedom!  Today, just go along to get along!  God knows this country needs to be slapped good and hard.  A wake up call.   A call to arms.  A call to voices.  A call to Freedom.

The start of weakness…under Reagan…not really noticed, not really thought of as a downfall.  Some mother, God bless her, lost her son in a pugil stick joust during basic training, I think in 1983.  She went ballistic!  How dare the marines do this to HER son.  Well, they stopped.  At least for a while.  They have the pugil stick again in basic training but not as it was pre 1983.

Now days 320lb offensive linemen are too weak to defend themselves…the audacity of name calling!!!   Now days a young child cannot “draw” a picture of a ninja with his sword without being offensive.  When I was growing up it was “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Now days God is offensive, pointing your finger is offensive, tee shirts that do not conform (no more individualism) are offensive, being called out on facts is offensive, and if you do not go along to get along you are offensive.

I said it to a group of subcontractor on a project in Las Vegas on December 9, 2008 and I say it again here, now.  We have become weak, as a nation in Body, Mind and Heart.  God help us now.  Time is running out.  Freedom is wearing thin.  Stand up for the Individual!  Forget about the “Collective”.  This Nation needs a “Re-Birth” and soon.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!




What Happened to the Democrats

I recently sent an e-mail to one of my Senators, Ms. Stabenow, and she was kind enough to return an answer to me.  I then responded in kind but pointed out the lies and foibles that she had responded with.

Now anyone that reads any of my posts would surely understand that I have not a single liberal bone in my body.  If I were an airplane, as my father used to say, could not fly for I have two (2) right wings.  I do not purport anything else.  Yet my response to Ms. Stabenow was very sincere.  I asked her what happened to the Democratic party?  With great lines like “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” to “the markets will crash and we will enter into another recession”.  From “The buck stops here”! to “it’s the Republicans fault.”  “No one is more angry than I am.”  From “Ask not what your Country can do for you but rather what you can do for your Country”. to “food stamps help grow the economy.”  And now, my all time favorite, “….it’s a good product.  It’s a good price…” Barack Obama, the Earl Schieb of Presidents.  How far we have fallen.

Earlier this week I was watching The Five.  I overheard Dana Perino say to Bob Beckel “you don’t care about the individual.”  This is true!  Sad but true!  We used to listen to the U.S.S.R. (for those of you young ones Russia plus every country that they could lay their hands on) ‘The Collective this and the collective that’.  At that time a “Blue Dog Democrat” was easy to find.  A moderate Democrat was easier!  Look around you now.  It takes a village.  Obamacare will cover everyone (like it or not).  We will spy on everyone (just like the KGB).

Beckel used to be a moderate Democrat.  He thinks that the Conservatives have moved too far to the right, yet, he is talking about “The Collective” like everybody should pay for things that they do not agree with because it is for the “common good”.  That is Communism!  I hate to say it but it looks as though the “New Democrat” is really just the “Old Communist”

Measure the words of Mao.  Measure the words of Brezhnev.  They are the same as those “moderate Democrats” of today.  As the tent of the GOP grows larger the Democratic Party has had their “Great Purge” which started in 2008.  Those that do speak with a modicum of centrist thought are disparaged from continuing such tone.  Joe Manchin does not bode well in the house of Harry Reid.

If you believe that I am full of bovine feces, so be it, but I dare you to look at the decline of this Nation and how exceptionalism is being replaced by “for the greater good.”  Stand up and let your voice be heard, not just once but every day, to every face you encounter.  Barack Obama HAS started his transformation….Communism is not what I yearn for.  How about you?

Does Anyone Really Understand an Oath

Well, I have listened to many politicians over the years.  I have watched their swearing into office.  I have read the Oath of Office that each and every one of them have taken, yet I am truly befuddled!!  I want each and everyone that reads this to understand that the President, Senators and Congressmen/women do not take the same oath that the military does.  Both oaths, however, do start out the same way.  “I (insert name) swear to support and defend “The Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”.  Now, I know what a promise is, but apparently most of our politicians do not.  I listen to many of them say what they took an oath to defend but they all seem to get it wrong.

I am going to pick on Congressman Michael Rogers (Michigan 8th Congressional District) at this time.  I listened to him on Fox News (surprise surprise) during an interview regarding the NSA and the two programs that they have “spying” on the American People.  During the interview he said ‘I took an oath to defend America’ (please read above).  Congressmen and Congresswomen, Senators, Vice Presidents and Presidents take an oath to Defend the Document that this Country was and is supposed to be founded upon.  They do not seem to understand this premise.  Not the borders, not the States, not their pet projects, not God, Jesus, Buddha, not Muhammad, Allah or satan.  The document that guarantees men and women the freedoms that our Founding Fathers had intended for this country.

This Country was founded upon Christian Values (like it or not that is the truth), the promise of the ability to pursue your dreams (no guarantee that you will attain them) and freedom from tyranny.  We appear to be losing on all fronts.  All politicians need to reread their oath of office and start complying with the same.  If not get out of the way and let those of us that know how get in the game.

Why? When will they stop?

So I have spent the last 5 days watching the television, listening to the news and finally, “they got him”!  Wow.  It did not take that long unless the FBI was incompetent at their jobs, and I would never rule that out.  But I have to ask myself (pashaw!) no ask all of those in the media, the government, liberals and moderates.  Why, after the attack on the twin towers in 1993, the attack on the USS Cole, the attack on too many embassies to list, the attack on 9/11, the attacks on soldiers by soldiers in Iraq, the attacks on soldiers enlisting in Arkansas, the attack on Fort Hood and finally the attack on the Boston Marathon that the rest of you do not get it.

You want to know when they will stop with their attacks on the United States of America?  They have told you, and me, too many times to count.  They will stop when the atheists quit being atheists.  They will stop when the Jews quit being Jews.  They will stop when the Christians quit being Christian.  When the women in this country learn that they are to be quiet, obey their men, keep covered up and never complain.  They will stop when all of those in the United States of America become “Good, Koran obeying Muslims”.  For the Imams it is simple “Change and we will stop”.  Follow us and obey us and “All is well”.

Now, I can easily see this.  I am sure that there are a few more individuals out there that see the same thing.  Just not as many as there should be.  I have listened to the likes of Chris Mathews, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and most of the, nay, all of the “news anchors” on Current TV, MSNBC, CNN (yeah Al, I included you twice just for your Tawana Brawley Bull Shit) spew the bile of we need to accept that we have done them wrong…we have caused this upon ourselves…it is our fault even though we have been a defender of the Muslims in deterring genocide in parts of the world.

The fact is the liberals, moderates, and quasi-conservatives better wake up.  For if I were to tell you that there are a few good skin heads you would call me crazy.  If I were to say that not ALL Black Panthers hate whites, I’m stupid.  If I were to say that when it comes to Nazis you cannot blame all of them because of some misunderstood actions of a few, I should be committed.  We all know that the KKK is just misunderstood, the Crips really don’t hate the Bloods and the moon is made of cheese.

So here is what it boils down to.  Quit making excuses for those that believe that their religion is the ONLY RELIGION and all else should be punished or give up your rights to the freedom of religion, expression, equality and happiness and join the billion or so that believe that way.  It is time that we tap phones, question, follow and even harass those that have any ties to any radical Muslim group.  We are at war and anyone that sides with those that have waged that war are, by definition, committing treason.  The act of giving aid and comfort to the enemy is treason.

Here is one that Obama should know by now…they bring a knife you bring a gun.  They put one of yours in the hospital you put one of theirs in the morgue.  Now expand it…you bring an IED we bring a …you get the idea!  I guarantee, trade bombs for a few times and Allah’s followers will start to have doubts about what is right and what is wrong.

Some may call it extreme but how many lives did a couple of bombs save during WWII?


Use of GasolineTaxes

Rick Snyder….you want to raise the gasoline tax in Michigan?  I suggest that you take a long, long, long hard look at where this will take you.  Use your business sense!  You would never “Rob Peter to Pay Paul”, would you?

Let us use the average “normal” of the sale of 400,000,000 gallons of gasoline a month.  Now, it has been two years since this State has been devoid of the “Socialist Moron” that the unions so happily voted in twice.  With that being said, I will not hold you accountable for the monetary mismanagement that transpired on her ineffective leadership.  However, I am now expecting you to do the right thing.

Since 1978, 90% of all “gasoline” taxes were to go to the roads and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  It was passed into law!  It has not been recinded!  This law did not say, “Oh, let us use it for mass transportation in Macomb, Wayne or Genese Counties”.  90% is to go to roads!

So let us both do some simple math:

400,000,000×12= 4,800,000,000 (that is Gallons of Gasoline per year) oh, by the way, we are not counting diesel fuels sold.

4,800,000,000 gallons x $.19 per gallon tax (Michigan only)= $912,000,000.00 per year

2 years as Governor = $1,824,000,000.00 for roads, bridges and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  This does not include any of the monies that are usurped from the truckers in this State.

Okay, so you are at loggerheads!  What do I do? You take the Federal Monies, (for Federal Highways) and you use that to fix them, and only them!  You remove the Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage Requirements on State, County and Local roads, avenues, courts, boulevards, streets, cul de sacs, drives etc, etc., etc.

Rick, I have been in the Construction Business for 33 years.  I can build, fix, repair more roads and bridges for $3,648,000,000.00 for any politician’s political term, under those conditions, than you can raising the taxes on hard working Michiganders!!!

Principles vs Winning

So, did you see the tall blonde bimbette during the course of the last week?  Ann Coulter!  One day she is talking about Rubio, Paul and God only knows who else giving up on the “Republican” principles and the next day or so she is on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox telling Sean that ‘Principles are fine, but, you need to win’

Sean, I realize that you are the “opinion” portion of Fox News, but, you have this ditz on many more times and I will start to refer to you as Faux News.  Granted, she obtained her law degree from one of my favorite universities in the Country, but this woman has become dumber than a “box of rocks”

You call yourself a “Conservative” then act like it when you have your intellect and principles challenged by someone that appears to be losing both!

Fair Share GOP vs Bovine Feces

The last I checked, and I do it quite frequently, there is not one person that is a greater recipient of Government goodies when they pay more in taxes.  It seems to me that the family of 4 that makes $200,000.00 pays more in taxes than the family of 4 that makes $50,000.00 pays in taxes.

Since the family of 4 pays a higher percentage of their income, and their income is higher, should they not get “their fair share” from the government?  Both families drive the same roads.  Both families use the same hospitals.  Both families pay the same amount of taxes on the groceries that they buy.  Why would you not expect the one that pays more into the “Great and Powerful Government” get more from the “Great and Powerful Government”?

Somehow, it never seems to work that way!  The more you work, the more you pay, the less the “Great and Powerful Government” gives you back.  Seems kinda bass ackwards if you were to ask me.

Black, white, yellow, brown or red…you can malign him all you want for…oh I don’t know, maybe cheating on his wife, being a Baptist Deacon, being a member of the Tea Party, fixing the worst division of Burger King, Bringing Godfather Pizza back from the depths of despair or the worst possible thing to call a “Strong Black Man in America” a Republican!  You know who I am talking about.  You know his name.  Mr. 999!  Mr. everybody needs skin in the game.  When Herman Cain through his hat in the ring I was for this man.  The same as when Alan Keyes ran for the same office.  Just as I believe that Dr. Carson would make a good candidate.  But, to paraphrase Alan West, the liberals hate a strong, black, colorblind, conservative Republican.

I lived in New York when Tawana Brawley started her great lie and The ‘reverend’ (on purpose) al sharpton, C. Vernon Mason and Mr. Mattox all stormed to her side.  Not because she was telling the truth but because they could make money in creating another divide between the races.  This is the practice of liberals, bar color.  This is a practice that most Conservatives do not engage in.  The difference is most people do not know or understand what Winston Churchill meant when he said “a lie will get half way around the world before the truth even has a chance to get it’s pants on”

So the next time you hear a ‘Conservative Black Man or Woman” speak, close your eyes and open your brain and listen to them.  You may find that they are the ones telling you the truth, like it or not, and they are not the uncle toms of the world.  They are not sellouts.  They are not the enemy.  They are giving you a perspective that existed when they were young, when both parents were in the house, when (forget the color barrier for one moment) we excelled as a Nation.

Let us, as a Nation, get back soon, before we parish.


Big Government vs Big (Any)Business

So I spend much of my time listening to people make bold statements about this, that and every other thing.  Now, I know that much of this is bluster.  Liberals say that the rich need to pay their fair share and the “fat cats” say that they pay too much.  The Republicans in, and out, of office say that government is too big.  The Democrats say it is too small.

I listened to Mr. David Siegal tell his employees that they need to vote for Romney or they would face layoffs.  I heard the Koch Brothers say pretty much the same thing.  I have to tell you, I DESPISE blowhards!  I listened to Barack Obama tell everyone that those “fatcats” need to pay more.  He and the government would make things right.  I must be honest, Liberalism DISGUSTS me!

I know the best way to decide who is right and who is wrong.  If every conservative businessman and businesswoman would just shut down their companies/plants/refineries/stores/donations/etc. and let every employee go, we would see who has the power.

It took the takers (England) 8+ years to be defeated the first time around.  Since they thought we let down our guard, they tried again 29 years later.  Let this be a precursor to all of you…never let down your guard!  This time the takers are much closer.  They are your neighbors, customers, purported friends.  They are not the later and if they had their way they would not be either of the former.  They wish harm come to you.  They wish you had naught for your labors.   They actually despise you for what you have accomplished.  If the “Top 10% pay 60%, 70% or more why is it that they do not get 60-70% of the representation?  It is time to make a stand!

I can pretty much guarantee that the Federal Government will change their minds as to where they get money and where they can spend money.  This is not a guess.  This is not a hope and a prayer.  I know that the appearance of being sated, i.e., kwashiorkor, does not mean that one is sated.  All it means is that one is sick.  It is a physical ailment that can be cured.

There is only one way to cure this bureaucratic beast that exists in DC.  It needs to be starved.  The politicians need to be starved.  The programs need to be starved and the “public servants” need to be starved.  Just remember, it took more than a couple of weeks for William Bradford to change the way things were done at Plymouth Rock (Thanksgiving is the only Holiday that I am aware of that celebrates Capitalism).

The liberals in this country seem to push the idea of cutting fat out of our diets to become more healthy, yet, they refuse to ‘eat’ their own words.  We need to trim the ‘fat’ from government.  We need to have them take in less ‘calories’.  We need them to get in ‘shape’.

Too many times we have been told that we need to cut (military, education, entitlements….blah, blah, blah) however, we DO NOT cut.  We spend and spend for naught.  Take the ‘food’  they will have to stop eating.

When the citizens learn, and they will learn quickly, that it is not the government that keeps this nation strong, it is not the government that repairs the roads, it is not the government that feeds the people, it is not the government that shelters them  It is the citizens that provide all means for the government to assist in these measures.  It is time that the government begin to heed the governed.

Take a Stand

In 1982, 31 years ago, the Democrats offered Ronald Reagan $3 in spending cuts for $1 in tax increases, a balanced approach.  We got taxed. They spent more.  We have listened to Barack Obama tell a moderator that even though tax increases would hurt the economy, he would raise them to be fair.  In 31 years we have not seen a true spending cut and we have seen more and more taxes.

We get taxed, he gets rich and we get poor.

The only blacks that have actually seen a significant change in their wealth since 2008 are Barack and Michelle Obama.  The Black Unemployment level has risen by 7 percentage points under Obama.  Okay, you say 7 points, that is not bad in this economy.  Look at it another way.  9% in 2008.  16% in 2013.  In all actuality, Obama has raised the unemployment rate of African Americans by 77.7%.  Now, if he were a “White Liberal” The NAACP would be all over him.  If he were a Republican the NAACP and EVERY news outlet would be condemning him.  But he is ‘Obama’ the great mulatto and savior of Liberalism!  So, the very persons that are supposed to stick up for the downtrodden are now aiding the one that is doing the stomping.

If Barack Obama were a Republican you would be reading headlines like ‘Obama “Shackles Blacks”‘ or ‘President ignores plight of Inner Cities’.  Not now.  Not with this news media.

18 months ago Barack Obama and his minions came up with the idea of sequestration.  They proposed this so that Congress (Not the President) would have to make tough decisions.  Well they didn’t, nor did Obama, so now we get “forced cuts”.  We need them for government is too large, too cumbersome, too intrusive and actually strangles the ‘life’ from our economy.  Now, Obama says this will cost jobs!  Why the hell did he propose it to begin with?

Forty days ago Barack Obama got a wish.  Taxes were raised on the 1%ers.  Yeah, unemployment went up…so what…imagine that.

I truly hate to see what will happen when Obamacare is fully implemented.  When unemployment shoots through the roof will that, again, be George Bush’s (43) fault?  At what time and what place will the 4th estate hold this ‘poser’ accountable?  At what point will Obama take responsibility for anything?

So, under Obama, we are getting weaker militarily, poorer as individuals, slower educationally, weaker physically and deeper in debt, every day,  for nothing positive in return.

The people of this nation need to take a decision.  They need to educate themselves.  They need to break the educational shackles that are placing all of us in bondage.  Read what the founding fathers gave up in order to stand by their word in signing the Declaration of Independence.  Take a look at a JFK speech and see just how far left the Democratic party has moved.  Read a Calvin Coolidge speech and see how far the Republicans have moved…and not to the right.  Inform yourself.  it is now time for everyone to become educated and take a stand.

The Integrity Joke!

“Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire…You’re just going to have to make up your own mind one day  about what’s right and wrong.”  Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon  HUD, a movie that I wish everyone would watch, though today, most cannot stand black and white.  If you never watch the film you should at least LEARN the quote for it is poignant, significant and as true in 1963 as it is 50 years later.

It’s funny how I look upon the make up of the pundit and politicians of this country.  Although I am an extremely conservative individual I am fair when I see the B.S. that we, as a nation are shoved, the many different styles of crap.

I am going to start with Juan Williams although he is not in any shape the most or least fractious of those that follow.  My second blog talked about the racists joke and Juan has been very apt at displaying his lack of honesty on the subject.  Today, however, I watched him ‘supposedly’ listen to Bob Woodward regarding whose idea sequestration was.  Woodward stated, unequivocally, that it was the White House and Barack Obama that started the idea of sequestration.  Not two minutes later when Karl Rove states that the idea was started by Barack Obama, Juan gives his double take/deer in the headlights look…what bovine feces…a liberal/moderate says it and Juan gives his, you’ve seen it before, I guess that is true so I’ll shrug my shoulders and let it pass with a turn of my head-look.  Now when a conservative says it look out…I cannot believe that you could ever say anything against this “Black” man (he is a mulatto not black) you are white, you are conservative and how could you possibly lie like that-look.  All of this happens in the span of 120 seconds +/- time.  What a hypocrite!  What a Joke!

How many times can a man or woman call something immoral and then do exactly what they say is immoral and be called a moral individual?  Let’s take Eric Cantor, nice guy (I guess), yet I personally would not trust him with anything.  ‘To raise the debt ceiling and burden our children with such debt is immoral’. Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy ad nauseum.  Time and time again they vote to raise it.  Are they still not burdening the future children with MORE DEBT?  What is moral in that?  Are they not the ones that said it is immoral?

Okay, debt!  So Senator Obama, while running for the office of President of the United States says that President Bush (43) is unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to the National debt in 8 years!  So does adding $6 trillion in four years mean you are committing treason?

Any and All pundits/politicians that questioned Dr. Ben Carson invoking the name of God at a PRAYER breakfast need to have their heads, hearts, morals, scrupples and souls examined!!!  Last time I checked GOD is why we PRAY.

Ann Coulter.   Ann is to Chris Christie as Chris Mathews is to Barack Obama.  Stating on Hannity that Mitt Romney is the most conservative candidate running for the GOP should have been reason for any and all of her dear and loving friends to have her committed.  Her plea for Christie to run was admirable, yet, his conservative “principles” came out with Sandy just before the election.  The man that spoke about being fiscally sound wanted the rest of the country to bail him out.  At one time I believed that Ms. Coulter was principled in her stances, however, now I find her to create controversy for the sake of money.  At 6′-0″ +/-, being fairly attractive and with legs that many would like to blister their tongue on, Ms. Coulter has some positive physical attributes…but…politically she should take her own advice…women should not vote.

Steny Hoyer.  How DUMB can anyone be that voted for this imbecile.  The White House admits (two weeks ago) that the sequestration came from them so on Friday Steny Hoyer is tried to blame Republicans (Juan Williams needs to pay more attention to those he tries to cover for).  I do not know how we became so ignorant as a nation, or when our political figures became so arrogant, but we have and they have.

Harry Reid.  My favorite Washington DC miscreant.  I have been writing to Harry telling him just how combative he is.  When I lived in Nevada I did all I could do to convince people to vote AGAINST him.  He is lazy, vile and corrupt (in my opinion).  He is the very worst of society and Nevadans owe their country a true justice  by recalling this JERK.  Anyone that does not do their job for three plus years needs to be fired.

Every reporter, journalist, pundit, politician, citizen that refers to a past president, senator, congressman/woman secretary or ambassador by the title that they ONCE HAD.  They are no longer anything!  They are citizens!  We have One (1) President.  We have one (1) Vice President.  We have 100 Senators…get the picture?

Mark Levine.  Get off Karl Rove’s back.  Sharon Angle?  I could have run a dead dog against Harry Reid and beat him.  Christine O’Donnell?  Look at the moron that is in there now.  What did that get you?  Todd Akin?  If you truly believe that he is the best that we could have put up there than the GOP is in more trouble than I expect.  We, as a nation, deserve, nay need, good, solid, quality candidates.  We need candidates that believe in this country, not an election.  No more MORONS or we all lose!