Use of GasolineTaxes

Rick Snyder….you want to raise the gasoline tax in Michigan?  I suggest that you take a long, long, long hard look at where this will take you.  Use your business sense!  You would never “Rob Peter to Pay Paul”, would you?

Let us use the average “normal” of the sale of 400,000,000 gallons of gasoline a month.  Now, it has been two years since this State has been devoid of the “Socialist Moron” that the unions so happily voted in twice.  With that being said, I will not hold you accountable for the monetary mismanagement that transpired on her ineffective leadership.  However, I am now expecting you to do the right thing.

Since 1978, 90% of all “gasoline” taxes were to go to the roads and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  It was passed into law!  It has not been recinded!  This law did not say, “Oh, let us use it for mass transportation in Macomb, Wayne or Genese Counties”.  90% is to go to roads!

So let us both do some simple math:

400,000,000×12= 4,800,000,000 (that is Gallons of Gasoline per year) oh, by the way, we are not counting diesel fuels sold.

4,800,000,000 gallons x $.19 per gallon tax (Michigan only)= $912,000,000.00 per year

2 years as Governor = $1,824,000,000.00 for roads, bridges and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  This does not include any of the monies that are usurped from the truckers in this State.

Okay, so you are at loggerheads!  What do I do? You take the Federal Monies, (for Federal Highways) and you use that to fix them, and only them!  You remove the Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage Requirements on State, County and Local roads, avenues, courts, boulevards, streets, cul de sacs, drives etc, etc., etc.

Rick, I have been in the Construction Business for 33 years.  I can build, fix, repair more roads and bridges for $3,648,000,000.00 for any politician’s political term, under those conditions, than you can raising the taxes on hard working Michiganders!!!

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