Monthly Archives: January 2014

Jake Tapper et al

For those of you that have not had the displeasure of watching jake tapper’s interview with Marcus Luttrell let me save you the time.  Mr. tapper not only shows his ignorance and arrogance he shows his utter disdain for The United States of America.  For jake, and those socialists like him, there is no logical, fathomable reason to go to war.  Hell, they still have their rights to speak and print their nonsensical, biased bovine feces.  They still act as though they are superior to everyone that disagrees with them.

We should start a campaign against the self righteous media and start to take their rights from them.  Take their money from them.  Take their freedom from them.  Maybe then, and just then, they would realize why people like Mr. Luttrell take their oaths, pick up their arms and fight through their last living breath.  I highly doubt they would understand but I still have high hopes.  As for Mr. Luttrell, I can only imagine the strength of conviction it took not to knock jakie boy out.  Not only did he show honor on the battle field he continues to show honor as a civilian throughout the bullshit thrown at him.  I just wish that the media would act more like the reporters of WWI and WWII where they actually showed loyalty to their country, the truth and respect for an individual’s personal conviction.  I still have hope, although it is quickly waning.