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The Blame Game

So, Detroit is allowed to file for bankruptcy…yeah.  So I read on Yahoo some little twerp of moron blames the “white Republican” for leaving Detroit after Coleman Young was elected.  The lack of education based on fact is appalling!  The “White Republicans” started leaving two (2) full decades earlier.  For those of you educated after 1980 that is twenty (20) years.  Black-white-brown-red had nothing to do with it.  It had to do with Liberal versus Right, not Right Winged, just right.

I watched the council members of Detroit call the, now imprisoned, mayor of Detroit “The Honorable” Kwame Kilpatrick.  What the hell is honorable about stealing from people.  I know that they did not call him honorable because he is black they called him that because he was a devout Liberal and there can be no greater calling than to “care” and to “feel” about others even when you are robbing them blind.

The unions “care” as long as you “PAY” your dues and keep them living high on the hog.  The council members care about you as long as you keep re-electing them (God knows that they cannot find a job anywhere else).  The Mayors care as long as you keep bringing that lazy thief back into your house.  Hell the Congressman/women you keep re-electing really cares, just ask them.

So now let’s get down to the real reason for this blog.  Seven weeks ago a Jr. Senator from the Great State of Texas was lambasted, continually, by the Liberals, the Media, the So Called Conservatives and The President of These United States for wanting a delay in the implementation of “Obamacare”.  Ted Cruz, the hater, the fear monger, the liar, that cold hearted sonofabitch!  How dare he lie to everyone like this.  How dare he stand up there and tell anyone, let alone everyone, that HE cares about them.  He can’t stop Obamacare.  This program is too great to stop.  We the Liberals care.  He cannot claim that.  He is not compassionate.  He is not “One of US”.

So Barack Obama says that the A.C.A. is the “law of the land”  it cannot be stopped, it cannot be delayed.  Push on, no matter how screwed up this behemoth is.  Barack Obama said it would save, on average, each family over $2,500.00, that “if you like your plan you can keep it, PERIOD”,  “if you like your doctor you can keep him, (once again there is that war on women everyone knows that the only good doctor is a male doctor), period”.  Barack Obama said that we are all equal and that this is “…The United States of America”.  If this is true why then all of the waivers for such a noble law?  Why does it cost so much more?  Why can’t you keep your doctor, male or female?  Why can’t you keep the policy that has covered your family for the last decade?

Ted Cruz told the truth and they came at him from all sides.  Barack Obama lies, daily, and they leave him alone.  He is a liar.  He is trying to hurt the American People.  DO NOT TRUST HIM!  Look where that has gotten us.

I remember watching Sam Donaldson, no conservative by any means, on this week with David Brinkley just after interviewing George H.W. Bush regarding his book “All The Best”.  Sam said that he had covered “41” as VP for eight years and President for four (4).  He said that during that time he never really thought of President Bush as a very compassionate man.  After sitting down and interviewing him I realized “you don’t have to wear compassion on your sleeve to be compassionate.  President Bush is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met”.

So the next time you look at a politician think of the parties this way:


D=Democrat= Demagogue




Probably closer to the truth than you will ever imagine.