Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why The Good Fight

So, I get asked, often, “Why do you fight”?  Just go along with the flow!  Well, I have seen too much go along to get along in my lifetime to realize that ALL that that does is cost freedom.  There was once a time that the fight for principle was called “the good fight”.  Now, everyone seems to think that we should Rodney King our way through life.

Now, there is an apathetic way to look at things.  I have built buildings for people that were originally from behind the “Iron Curtain”.  I’m talking two (2) decades ago.  They were saying, I’m not just referring to one individual but many, “this Country is more like Russia than Russia”, yes they all called it Russia and not the Soviet Union.

I look at those in my family and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they were the “Founding Fathers”.  It doesn’t just stop there.  I look at “what” we have elected as “our leaders” and am most assuredly positive that we would still be under the thumb of the crown.

Only God know where the strength of this country has fallen.  Only God knows when it will arise with the strength of our ancestors.  They gave their fortunes for freedom!  Some, their children for freedom!  Today, just go along to get along!  God knows this country needs to be slapped good and hard.  A wake up call.   A call to arms.  A call to voices.  A call to Freedom.

The start of weakness…under Reagan…not really noticed, not really thought of as a downfall.  Some mother, God bless her, lost her son in a pugil stick joust during basic training, I think in 1983.  She went ballistic!  How dare the marines do this to HER son.  Well, they stopped.  At least for a while.  They have the pugil stick again in basic training but not as it was pre 1983.

Now days 320lb offensive linemen are too weak to defend themselves…the audacity of name calling!!!   Now days a young child cannot “draw” a picture of a ninja with his sword without being offensive.  When I was growing up it was “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Now days God is offensive, pointing your finger is offensive, tee shirts that do not conform (no more individualism) are offensive, being called out on facts is offensive, and if you do not go along to get along you are offensive.

I said it to a group of subcontractor on a project in Las Vegas on December 9, 2008 and I say it again here, now.  We have become weak, as a nation in Body, Mind and Heart.  God help us now.  Time is running out.  Freedom is wearing thin.  Stand up for the Individual!  Forget about the “Collective”.  This Nation needs a “Re-Birth” and soon.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!