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What Happened to the Democrats

I recently sent an e-mail to one of my Senators, Ms. Stabenow, and she was kind enough to return an answer to me.  I then responded in kind but pointed out the lies and foibles that she had responded with.

Now anyone that reads any of my posts would surely understand that I have not a single liberal bone in my body.  If I were an airplane, as my father used to say, could not fly for I have two (2) right wings.  I do not purport anything else.  Yet my response to Ms. Stabenow was very sincere.  I asked her what happened to the Democratic party?  With great lines like “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” to “the markets will crash and we will enter into another recession”.  From “The buck stops here”! to “it’s the Republicans fault.”  “No one is more angry than I am.”  From “Ask not what your Country can do for you but rather what you can do for your Country”. to “food stamps help grow the economy.”  And now, my all time favorite, “….it’s a good product.  It’s a good price…” Barack Obama, the Earl Schieb of Presidents.  How far we have fallen.

Earlier this week I was watching The Five.  I overheard Dana Perino say to Bob Beckel “you don’t care about the individual.”  This is true!  Sad but true!  We used to listen to the U.S.S.R. (for those of you young ones Russia plus every country that they could lay their hands on) ‘The Collective this and the collective that’.  At that time a “Blue Dog Democrat” was easy to find.  A moderate Democrat was easier!  Look around you now.  It takes a village.  Obamacare will cover everyone (like it or not).  We will spy on everyone (just like the KGB).

Beckel used to be a moderate Democrat.  He thinks that the Conservatives have moved too far to the right, yet, he is talking about “The Collective” like everybody should pay for things that they do not agree with because it is for the “common good”.  That is Communism!  I hate to say it but it looks as though the “New Democrat” is really just the “Old Communist”

Measure the words of Mao.  Measure the words of Brezhnev.  They are the same as those “moderate Democrats” of today.  As the tent of the GOP grows larger the Democratic Party has had their “Great Purge” which started in 2008.  Those that do speak with a modicum of centrist thought are disparaged from continuing such tone.  Joe Manchin does not bode well in the house of Harry Reid.

If you believe that I am full of bovine feces, so be it, but I dare you to look at the decline of this Nation and how exceptionalism is being replaced by “for the greater good.”  Stand up and let your voice be heard, not just once but every day, to every face you encounter.  Barack Obama HAS started his transformation….Communism is not what I yearn for.  How about you?