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Harry Reid the US Putin

What do Harry Reid and Vladimir Putin have in common?  They both believe in tyrannical imperialism.  He has made his millions off of the backs of each and every working American without any thought to who he hurt, lied about, lied to or destroyed  just as long as he gets what he wants…I’m talking about Harry here, not Vladimir.  He has elections bought for him, by major business ventures and special interest enforcers.  Wait, I’m still talking about Harry, I mean why would you think that I am talking about Vladimir?, oh yeah, he does that in Russia too.  He has his people attack, threaten and hold at gun point innocent people that do not even live anywhere near him…Harry Reid, once again!  Harry, Vladimir, there really is not any difference and it is high time that the people of Nevada stand up, get a back bone, rally the troops and recall Harry Reid.  The jackass is as far from being a Nevadan as you can be.  The idiot has to have votes recast because he has no idea what he is doing, the Tyrant wants to destroy the fabric of America…and he does not even know why other than he is an angry liberal, selfish, boorish individual.

I defy Nevadans to stand with Clive Bundy and his friends and family.  I implore anyone with an ounce of patriotism to start the petition to recall Harry “I live in Washington D.C.” Reid.  Come on Michelle Fiore stand up for the people that Harry wants to trample on.  Governor Brian Sandoval,  these are your fellow citizens.  Who in the Great State of Nevada will put their backside on the line to send this Tyrant to the end of his career?  Do not be bystanders, get involved.  Do not let the few, the pioneers of your State carry the entire burden!  March forth, make a difference and contribute, at least a little sweat, to make your State and this Country a better place with one less Tyrant in control.

Use of GasolineTaxes

Rick Snyder….you want to raise the gasoline tax in Michigan?  I suggest that you take a long, long, long hard look at where this will take you.  Use your business sense!  You would never “Rob Peter to Pay Paul”, would you?

Let us use the average “normal” of the sale of 400,000,000 gallons of gasoline a month.  Now, it has been two years since this State has been devoid of the “Socialist Moron” that the unions so happily voted in twice.  With that being said, I will not hold you accountable for the monetary mismanagement that transpired on her ineffective leadership.  However, I am now expecting you to do the right thing.

Since 1978, 90% of all “gasoline” taxes were to go to the roads and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  It was passed into law!  It has not been recinded!  This law did not say, “Oh, let us use it for mass transportation in Macomb, Wayne or Genese Counties”.  90% is to go to roads!

So let us both do some simple math:

400,000,000×12= 4,800,000,000 (that is Gallons of Gasoline per year) oh, by the way, we are not counting diesel fuels sold.

4,800,000,000 gallons x $.19 per gallon tax (Michigan only)= $912,000,000.00 per year

2 years as Governor = $1,824,000,000.00 for roads, bridges and infrastructure in the State of Michigan.  This does not include any of the monies that are usurped from the truckers in this State.

Okay, so you are at loggerheads!  What do I do? You take the Federal Monies, (for Federal Highways) and you use that to fix them, and only them!  You remove the Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage Requirements on State, County and Local roads, avenues, courts, boulevards, streets, cul de sacs, drives etc, etc., etc.

Rick, I have been in the Construction Business for 33 years.  I can build, fix, repair more roads and bridges for $3,648,000,000.00 for any politician’s political term, under those conditions, than you can raising the taxes on hard working Michiganders!!!

Fair Share GOP vs Bovine Feces

The last I checked, and I do it quite frequently, there is not one person that is a greater recipient of Government goodies when they pay more in taxes.  It seems to me that the family of 4 that makes $200,000.00 pays more in taxes than the family of 4 that makes $50,000.00 pays in taxes.

Since the family of 4 pays a higher percentage of their income, and their income is higher, should they not get “their fair share” from the government?  Both families drive the same roads.  Both families use the same hospitals.  Both families pay the same amount of taxes on the groceries that they buy.  Why would you not expect the one that pays more into the “Great and Powerful Government” get more from the “Great and Powerful Government”?

Somehow, it never seems to work that way!  The more you work, the more you pay, the less the “Great and Powerful Government” gives you back.  Seems kinda bass ackwards if you were to ask me.

Black, white, yellow, brown or red…you can malign him all you want for…oh I don’t know, maybe cheating on his wife, being a Baptist Deacon, being a member of the Tea Party, fixing the worst division of Burger King, Bringing Godfather Pizza back from the depths of despair or the worst possible thing to call a “Strong Black Man in America” a Republican!  You know who I am talking about.  You know his name.  Mr. 999!  Mr. everybody needs skin in the game.  When Herman Cain through his hat in the ring I was for this man.  The same as when Alan Keyes ran for the same office.  Just as I believe that Dr. Carson would make a good candidate.  But, to paraphrase Alan West, the liberals hate a strong, black, colorblind, conservative Republican.

I lived in New York when Tawana Brawley started her great lie and The ‘reverend’ (on purpose) al sharpton, C. Vernon Mason and Mr. Mattox all stormed to her side.  Not because she was telling the truth but because they could make money in creating another divide between the races.  This is the practice of liberals, bar color.  This is a practice that most Conservatives do not engage in.  The difference is most people do not know or understand what Winston Churchill meant when he said “a lie will get half way around the world before the truth even has a chance to get it’s pants on”

So the next time you hear a ‘Conservative Black Man or Woman” speak, close your eyes and open your brain and listen to them.  You may find that they are the ones telling you the truth, like it or not, and they are not the uncle toms of the world.  They are not sellouts.  They are not the enemy.  They are giving you a perspective that existed when they were young, when both parents were in the house, when (forget the color barrier for one moment) we excelled as a Nation.

Let us, as a Nation, get back soon, before we parish.


Big Government vs Big (Any)Business

So I spend much of my time listening to people make bold statements about this, that and every other thing.  Now, I know that much of this is bluster.  Liberals say that the rich need to pay their fair share and the “fat cats” say that they pay too much.  The Republicans in, and out, of office say that government is too big.  The Democrats say it is too small.

I listened to Mr. David Siegal tell his employees that they need to vote for Romney or they would face layoffs.  I heard the Koch Brothers say pretty much the same thing.  I have to tell you, I DESPISE blowhards!  I listened to Barack Obama tell everyone that those “fatcats” need to pay more.  He and the government would make things right.  I must be honest, Liberalism DISGUSTS me!

I know the best way to decide who is right and who is wrong.  If every conservative businessman and businesswoman would just shut down their companies/plants/refineries/stores/donations/etc. and let every employee go, we would see who has the power.

It took the takers (England) 8+ years to be defeated the first time around.  Since they thought we let down our guard, they tried again 29 years later.  Let this be a precursor to all of you…never let down your guard!  This time the takers are much closer.  They are your neighbors, customers, purported friends.  They are not the later and if they had their way they would not be either of the former.  They wish harm come to you.  They wish you had naught for your labors.   They actually despise you for what you have accomplished.  If the “Top 10% pay 60%, 70% or more why is it that they do not get 60-70% of the representation?  It is time to make a stand!

I can pretty much guarantee that the Federal Government will change their minds as to where they get money and where they can spend money.  This is not a guess.  This is not a hope and a prayer.  I know that the appearance of being sated, i.e., kwashiorkor, does not mean that one is sated.  All it means is that one is sick.  It is a physical ailment that can be cured.

There is only one way to cure this bureaucratic beast that exists in DC.  It needs to be starved.  The politicians need to be starved.  The programs need to be starved and the “public servants” need to be starved.  Just remember, it took more than a couple of weeks for William Bradford to change the way things were done at Plymouth Rock (Thanksgiving is the only Holiday that I am aware of that celebrates Capitalism).

The liberals in this country seem to push the idea of cutting fat out of our diets to become more healthy, yet, they refuse to ‘eat’ their own words.  We need to trim the ‘fat’ from government.  We need to have them take in less ‘calories’.  We need them to get in ‘shape’.

Too many times we have been told that we need to cut (military, education, entitlements….blah, blah, blah) however, we DO NOT cut.  We spend and spend for naught.  Take the ‘food’  they will have to stop eating.

When the citizens learn, and they will learn quickly, that it is not the government that keeps this nation strong, it is not the government that repairs the roads, it is not the government that feeds the people, it is not the government that shelters them  It is the citizens that provide all means for the government to assist in these measures.  It is time that the government begin to heed the governed.